Our Mission Statement

To provide professional, accessible, high quality, comprehensive healthcare services that inspires confidence in our patients and our community.

Our Vision

  • To provide patient centred care and give a personal service which is tailored to the individuals health needs  providing patients with the best possible outcomes in a safe and welcoming environment.
  • We aim to give patients choice of clinicians, treatments, Hospitals and dates of appointments by Doctors and staff who are approachable, respectful and patient- centred
  • Our clinicians like to get to know the patients they serve so they can better understand their health priorities. We are patient advocates with secondary care as we represent patients as we negotiate with Hospital services.
  • We aim to address health inequalities by prioritising those who need help the most.
  • We aim to treat everyone with everyone with dignity and respect, no matter what difficulties they have in their lives.
  • We welcome all patients to join our list no matter of their complexity
  • We will continue to invest in our staff, diversifying and developing our skills and knowledge base to ensure that we have a highly skilled, resilient and adaptable work force to meet the needs of our patients and communities
  • We will seek to collaborate and work in partnership to strengthen community links and respond to local, regional and national initiatives

Our Values

  • We are accountable:

We ensure we take responsibility for our actions, and are open and transparent to the people who use our service.

  • We are fair: 

We are consistent in the way we deal with people, both patients and staff, we act courteously, show consideration, compassion and understanding valuing each person as an individual.

  • We are professional:

We strive to achieve a high level of medical care for our patients and responsive to medical need both for the individual and for the community as a whole. We maintain our professional learning and follow guidelines where appropriate to do so.

  • We are caring:

We will put our patients at the heart of all that we do

We respect and value everyone for their contribution, we engage with the community and local resources where possible, we celebrate peoples’ differences and provide equality of opportunity for all without discrimination.